Blossom Seeds Limited (BSL) was set up by members of BW Monastery Singapore in February 2013.  As Singapore progresses, there is a need to address its ageing concerns.  BSL volunteers from various social and educational backgrounds embarked on projects to contribute back to the community, with kindness and compassion, directed at helping the less fortunate and elderly to establish social and resource networks, so that they can enjoy better quality of life in their golden years.

BSL recruits volunteers of common interest, equips them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and also mental resiliency to cope with the demands of caring for these seniors, and to engage seniors effectively in interactive, recreational and social activities. The programmes aim to support the seniors in their psychological, emotional and social needs and in coping with the demands of daily living.


BSL has the support of BW Monastery with membership strength of more than 3,000, with numbers growing rapidly. Members mainly support BSL as volunteers. BSL has its own separate management team and manages its own financials.