Sharings from Volunteers

2019 Jul 08 _Blossom Seeds_Escort Volunteer Khatijah and Volunteer driver Bobby.

2019 Jul 08_ Blossom Seeds_ Volunteer Escort & Driver , Doris and Lam.

2014 Mar 22_Blossom Seeds_ On this Saturday morning, we held our 3rd Buddies Lunch event with 18 Elderly from Owen Road. They were the second batch of Elderly from this estate. The first group of 20 Elderly came to our first Buddies Lunch on Dec 2013- "2013 Year end Buddies Lunch".


Thank you for inviting us and the seniors from Sembawang GRC to attend the joyous Blossom Love Charity Gala Lunch on Sunday, 25 February 2018 at Big Box.
We truly appreciated the opportunity. Our colleagues from Sembawang PGO shared with me that the seniors were very happy at the event.  It was many seniors’ first time getting out of their house to attend an event and also, their first time visiting to Big Box. 
I have spoken to several seniors personally and they have given positive feedback on the food, volunteers, goodies from the coupon shopping, and programme prepared.
Your volunteers are very friendly and approachable. Seniors were seen happily dancing and enjoying their time with the volunteers. It is overall a great event for these seniors who are lonely and vulnerable, and a number from low-income families.
Once again, I would like to thank Blossom Seeds for the great experience!
— PGO Office, Volunteer
This is a fruitful event to me as I can reach out to the elderly. I thank them for giving me this opportunity to be close to them and serve them. They reminded me of my Ah Gong and Ah MA who had passed away! I learnt from them to be grateful as they did not take us for granted and keep thanking us.
— Elaine, Volunteer
I always feel happy after such events. The smiles from the Ah Ma, Ah Gong are priceless.
— Henry, Volunteer
I am really grateful and thankful to all the wonderful friends and beneficiaries for allowing my brother and myself to do something for this event. The day is tiring but full of joy, and we have learnt so much from the experience. Hope we can always have time for the volunteer work. My brother is so happy and enjoyed the company very much which is very rare for him. Also the beneficiaries are happy to have new friends. I thank all of you again for creating such beautiful memories! Thank you!
— Theresa, Volunteer