Community Befriending Coordinator

About The Role

  • See to the operations of the programme

  • Recruit, supervise and guide volunteers.

  • Assist in training and development of volunteers.

  • Conduct assessment for suitability of befriending programme.

  • Conduct home visits along with the Befrienders for the first time and identify the needs of seniors.

  • Responsible for scheduling the time and date for the Befrienders’ visit to the client’s place.

  • Keep proper records of the feedback collected from the Befrienders on the various needs of the clients, and share important and critical observations with the Programme Manager.

  • Adhere to the workflow and maintain proper records stipulated in CBP Service Manual.

  • Collect Home Visit Checklist from Befrienders and prepare disbursement of allowance to Befrienders.

  • Assist the Programme Manager in administrative matters e.g. raising Purchase Requisition, Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Petty Cash claims etc.

  • Assist the Manager in preparing monthly progress report and quarterly claims.

  • Reports to the Manager.

Candidate Requirements

Technical Competencies:

  • Ability to engage seniors of in different languages and dialects

  • Able to work as a team, yet provide leadership to organise befrienders

Core Competencies:

  • Passion to work with seniors and senior volunteers

  • Flexibility in relation to working hours and days

Preferred achievements / characteristics:

  • Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) or any other equivalent

Programme Executive (Home Help)

About The Role

  • Provide home help and medical transport to elders with identified needs

  • Coordinate appropriate care (including families, if appropriate)

  • Establish and maintain current, accurate, confidential files for each clients

  • Coordinate and guide volunteers to fulfill clients' needs

  • Support Home Help Manager

Candidate Requirements

Technical Competencies:

  • Possess a Class 3 licence and can drive a van

  • Ability to communicate in vernacular languages is an asset

Core Competencies:

  • Passion to work with the elderly in the community

Preferred achievements / characteristics:

  • Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) or any other equivalent

Finance Manager (Part Time)

About The Role

This position reports to the Chief Executive Officer and will oversee the full spectrum of Finance. Some key responsibilities include:

Ensuring timely and accurate financial and management reporting, cash flow management, budgeting, variance analysis, fulfilling regulatory reporting and grant application.

Reviewing current practices and implement systems to:

  1. Maintain the full set of accounts.

  2. Monitoring cash flow and budgets

  3. Prepare management accounts for funding stakeholders, Board and Treasurer/Audit Committee timely.

  4. Liaise with programme heads, auditors and funding stakeholders with grant application.

  5. Ensure compliance with Code of Governance and regulations laid down by the Act, Charities Unit, governing accounting bodies. 

  6. Develop checks and balances, policies, processes and procedures to ensure accountability and transparency.

  7. Liaise with Corporate Secretary and ensure resolutions are duly signed and lodged with ACRA.

Candidate Requirements

Technical Competencies:

  • Minimum degree in Accountancy /ACCA / CPA / equivalent qualification

  • Financial and management accounting background

  • Experience keeping full set accounts

Financial and management accounting background

Preferred achievements / characteristics:

  • Strong desire to serve in the social service sector

  • Professionalism and ethics

  • Strong understanding of governance, risk and control

  • To strive for good communication with stakeholders on a continual basis. 

Core Competencies:

  • Passion to work with the elderly in the community

Preferred achievements / characteristics:

  • Good communications, particularly attuned to working well with non-financial professionals

  • Able to lead a team to support various centres

  • To build a team of competent, responsible and passionate people dedicated to effectiveness, efficiency and timeliness.

Volunteer & Event Manager

About the role

This position will oversee volunteers in their support for the charity . Some key responsibilities include:

(1) Volunteer Management

(a) Programme Development

1. Maintain and update Volunteer Programme materials (such as applications, policies and procedures, volunteer regulations, orientation handbooks, etc)

2. Develop, administer, and review guidelines for volunteer programmes.

(b) Recruitment

1. Initiate, plan and implement volunteer recruitment drives (seniors, corporate, youth)

2. Develop methodology of selection, training and matching of volunteers.

(c) Engagement

1. Plan, co-ordinate and implement volunteer orientation programme to ensure that volunteers are properly briefed and prepared before deployment

2. Plan, co-ordinate and implement volunteer retention programme, including monthly volunteers’ newsletter VNews, volunteers’ appreciation and networking sessions

3. Plan and implement formal and informal volunteer recognition activities to recognise the contribution of volunteers to the organisation

4. Manage volunteer communications such as emails, EDMs, event invitations, newsletters.

5. Develop impact measurement tools to track volunteer engagement at our programmes

6. Evaluate the contribution of volunteers regularly

7. Conduct end-of-assignment evaluation and/or exit interviews for volunteers

8. Establish and nurture relationship with corporate volunteers (through their CSR & Schools programmes), and facilitate their support whether in kind and/or in cash

9 Establish and maintain relationship with organisations that are sources of volunteers

(d) Training and Development

1. Plan, coordinate and implement training programmes and development platforms progression of volunteers

2. Provide appropriate level of orientation and supervision

(e) Administrative / Reporting

1. Organise the volunteers in terms of their duties

2. Maintain and update the volunteer database and records

3. Ensure compliance, administrative aspect and achieve key performance indicators of the senior volunteer engagement programme

4. Draft and submit monthly report to the management and governing agencies on the status of the programme progressively.

5. Plan, administer and monitor the budget for volunteer management activities, and ensure that expenditure does not exceed approved budget

(2) Events Organising

1. Collaborate with External Parties and volunteers to organise the events

2. Oversee the operations of fundraising events and managing the stakeholders involved in each event.

3. Engage in community building to increase public awareness and interaction with the organisation.

4. Engage in community building to increase public awareness and interaction with the organisation.

5. Ensure accuracy of marketing materials and provide formal sign off if necessary

6. Support the website(s), social media platform (Eg facebook and Instagram)

(3) Others

1. Perform other related duties as instructed by management and board.


Technical Competencies:

Is a strong communicator with good presentation skills

Is a proactive in problem solving and has a responsible attitude

Are proficient in both written and spoken English Language

Are proficient with IT & social media

Preferred achievements / characteristics:

● Has a passion for working with people

● Has good interpersonal skills and can work and lead in a team setting

  • Is able to juggle multiple projects and work under pressure

Kindly contact or submit your resume to

Ms Ong Siew Chin at

Hp: 98737537

Blossom Seeds Ltd (BSL),105 Canberra Street, #02-01, S(750105)