Volunteer through Different Means

Join us to benefit our beneficiaries to lead a better life. Volunteer your expertise, time and commitment through different ways and avenues.


Blossom Kakis will receive adequate training required to serve the elderly with love and care, to enhance their knowledge of self-care as well as learn new skills and make new friends.  Through this, they will also be more equipped to live fuller, healthier lives well into their old age. Training is interspersed with workshops and sharing. See below for past snippets of training efforts.

If you are a student passionate to contribute in the area of gerontology, or a professional who like to contribute in areas like social media or editorial works, do drop us a note as well.


2019 Jul 08_Blossom Seeds_Join our growing volunteer team in Medical Escort & Transportation.


As our cases have spiked tremendously since we moved into our new premise at Canberra, we are now urgently seeking more volunteers to support our Home Help Medical Escort & Transportation Team.

A typical day in the life of a Medical Escort volunteer involves letting Blossom Seeds know about the date and time which you can commit to. Then, confirm with Blossom Seed's’s staff about the date and time where you need to pick up a Senior. Arrive at the Senior’s home on time, ensure that your Senior is being picked up appropriately and escort them to the hospital or polyclinic for their appointment. Accompany them through their check-up and also help them collect their medication as necessary. Befriend them along that process. Post that, accompany them back home. For first timers, you will shadow a Senior volunteer or Blossom Seeds staff in action to gain first hand insights whilst receiving training on the go.


Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

We are also actively looking for corporate team partners to co-create meaningful activities at our center to engage our Seniors.


Cant decide what areas to volunteer yet? Leave your contact details first.


Annual Volunteer Appreciation Purple Party

2018 Dec 29_ Blossom Seeds_Volunteer Appreciation Purple Party 2018. We had the honor of Mr Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education joining us as a special guest during our 1st Purple Party at our new premise at 105 Canberra Street, #02-01/06, S750105 Music Credits : Paradise_Ikson