29th Dec 2018 Open House and Purple Party Volunteer Appreciation

29th Dec 2018 marks a new milestone in the short journey of Blossom Seeds. Despite all the hiccups and bumps along the way, we moved into our new premise end of November. A month later, we managed to spruce up the space for the soft opening.

A total of 200 volunteers, staff and community partners attended the purple party and open house which was held from 11am to 530pm, Saturday. During the purple party, participation certificates were provided to the pioneer volunteers and included a short update on 2018 highlights. It included a year to date look into our total number of beneficiaries, medical escort trips that were made and number of clients on our befriending programmes.

For the open house, all visitors were provided with a welcome card that included a layout of the centre. They then participated in interactive games at 6 different booths. Through that participation, they learnt more about Blossom Seeds history, current programmes and services which we are running to support the Seniors and Elderly in need. As we had a basic health check station as well, about 34 persons participated to get some basic health profiling checks.

Whilst the open house generated a lot of positive feedbacks, much heart and sweat went behind the scenes. Check out the various photos reel below.

pei shan leow