Garden to Plate

Blossom Seeds was cordially invited to participate in a very meaningful National Day Celebration, entitled “Garden to Plate”.

The vegetables for the dishes were home-grown and supplied from the gardens of the residents. AVA worked with them to plant these vegetables in time for this event, and the residents worked on their farms tirelessly and lovingly for the past few months to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Volunteers of BW Monastery and Yusof Ishak Mosque cooked up a storm to prepare these dishes using these vegetables. The tables were set up by hospitality students from Spectra Secondary School, and they attended to needs of the guests from the low income family, together with the volunteers from BW Monastery.

With the generosity of the donors and sponsors, Blossom Seeds sponsored 260 goodie bags for the needy families invited for this event and it was a great joy to meet the seniors and to see them enjoying the event.

Mr Khaw distributing the Goodie bags to low income family

Mr Khaw distributing the Goodie bags to low income family

Everyone has a part to play to enjoy what we have today. No role is too small, and no one can do it alone. The fruits of today’s labour taste sweet because of the joint efforts by everyone. Happy National Day Singapore!

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