Home Based Services

Blossom Seeds aims to bring care to the doorstep of the elderly.

  • Medical Escort & Transport (MET) partnering Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)

    We receive referrals from AIC and also from community partners for relevant cases. Post that, we work with our beneficiaries to bring them to and fro from their medical appointments at the hospital and polyclinics. We intervene for as long needed but actively also encourage suitable beneficiaries especially those who had recovered to also join our volunteerism programme.

  • Community Befriending partnering with Council for Third Age (C3A)

    The primary objective of the community befriending programme is to support those who are living alone, frail and at high risk of social isolation. For those who are at lesser risk, Blossom Seeds seek to engage them in different ways according to their needs categories. For some, we invite them to participate in our Mid-Autumn Tribute Dinner, Vesak Day Carnival Lunch, and visits to Gardens by the Bay. For others who are less mobile, we support them in grocery shopping and also deliver other mind-stimulating activities at their home. Part of the plan is to faciliate some of these seniors to participate and contribute to our programme at the future activity centre at Canberra.

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