Active Ageing Programmes

Blossom Seeds seeks to create and facilitate a conducive platform for active living as one steps into their golden years.

Senior Volunteerism Programme (Council for Third Age)

Blossom Seeds Senior Volunteerism Program (SVP) is supported by Council for Third Age (C3A under the Ministry of Health) to engage seniors for active ageing by volunteering in our events and service to the needy Elderly. 

Through participation of the volunteer work, it helps to promote and encourage community participation in caring for the needy elderly living in the community. As the invited seniors are from all walks of life, regardless of race and religion, our programme also aims to promote social harmony and cohesiveness.  These also provides a platform for the volunteers of the same generation to come together to interact and care for each other. 

Benefits to the Senior Volunteers

The senior volunteers also benefit from the programme.  These benefits include

·       acquiring knowledge and skill sets that they can help the needy elderly. 

·       learning skill sets that will in turn help them to care for themselves or their family members.

·       build social bonding with fellow kaki volunteers

·       build social network with the community

·       develop their sense of purpose, live an enriching life and age actively and gracefully.  

·       The positive experience will also bring the senior volunteers lots of joy and satisfaction during their golden years, to build on the contribution that they have made throughout their lives.

4A Senior Health Programmes (Health Promotion Board)

As part of the ageing process, a senior has to grapple with a lot of physical, emotional, social and financial issues.  More visits to the doctors, additional medications, loss of their families or friends and also financial challenges as they stop working.  In addition to their physiological and social changes, the environment around them also changed.  Bills are no longer paid the same way and there are additional risks such as those of scams. 

We will be partnering Health Promotion Board (HPB) for our talks and workshops, to empower seniors in different areas of health including physical health, social and cultural health, emotional health and financial health.

Objectives of the Programme

a)     Healthier Nation, Community, Family and individual

b)     Empower Seniors and Pioneer Generations to age actively, gracefully and independently

c)     Enhance the quality of life of the Seniors, Pioneer Generations and their family members

d)     Improve the affordability and accessibility of our 4As programmes.

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